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IronWare Hard Close Enterprise

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Last September, IronWare sold their Dynamics practice, including the ISV products to NexusTek, Inc. (www.nexustek.com). On the ISV products, NexusTek has contracted back with ForceBI.com (new company)  to support, bill and collect for these same ISV products for the next 12 months. For ISV product support or to purchase one of these ISV products, select the contact tab and send us a message or call (303) 832-3970.  We'll get back with you soon!


Are you a former IronWare Technologies Dynamics SL, GP or CRM client and need support?  Contact NexusTek, Inc. - www.nexustek.com or call (303) 773-6464 and ask for Dynamics support.



Business Intelligence for Salesforce.com!

Welcome to ForceBI.com, where a universe of data, solutions and knowledge can make all of the difference in visualizing and building the success your business requires.


With the ForceBI.com solution, it has never been easier to get started with Business Intelligence (BI) for Salesforce.com. You minimize your investment and receive an almost instant Return on Investment (ROI). ForceBI.com for Salesforce.com CRM gives you a standardized Business Intelligence and Analytics solution in a matter of hours, creating a total BI infrastructure ready for analysis with several front-end tools out of the box. And it is perfectly tailored for your Salesforce.com CRM data.


Business Intelligence has quickly become the definitive technology for helping C-Level Executives and Business Owners worldwide capture the most complete picture of their organization's health and well-being. Providing detailed analyses, dashboards and scorecards that illustrate the latest data, trends and issues facing a business, owners can make mission-critical decisions quickly to stay ahead of their competition or avoid oncoming issues far in advance. Business intelligence has been described as an "almost unfair advantage" by enabling the strongest influence for the health and growth of any organization in literally any market.


ForceBI.com has partnered with TARGIT Business Intelligence to provide the state-of-the-art front-end GUI tool for data analysis. TARGIT is known for its user-friendliness and has been recognized for its broad application within the customers’ organizations.

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