SL Business Intelligence Accelerator 2015

  • With the ForceBI solution, it has never been easier to get started with Business Intelligence (BI) for Dynamics SL. You minimize your investment and get an almost instant Return on Investment (ROI). ForceBI for Dyanimcs SL gives you a standardized Business Intelligence and Analytics solution in a matter of hours (many times in under an hour), creating a total BI infrastructure ready for analysis with any front-end tool out of the box. And it is perfectly tailored for your Dyanimcs SL data.
  • By utilizing the Microsoft stack of Business Intelligence tools, companies can use familiar technologies to present data to management and executives quickly and enable them the ability to slice, dice and analyze this information not only for historical and real-time analysis, but also correlating data for predictive analysis.
  • We provide an optimized SQL Server data warehouse specially constructed to work with SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) in a multi-dimensional database.
  • We provide the data transformation services utilizing our ForceBI custom SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) components that work specifically with your Dynamics SL data. Period Table Task tool for Dynamics SL creates an up-to-date Date and Time dimensional table to handle the most complex Period Hierarchy's throughout your analysis. Data Integrity Task tool for Dynamics SL  ensures that your data warehouse and SSAS multidimensional database maintain referential integrity throughout. Enumerator Task tool for Dynamics SL creates dimensional tables in your data warehouse for data that may not exist within the source data but rather from application logic.

SSIS and SSAS training is available so that you may extend your Dynamics SL BI environment to add CRM, Social Media and other data that is important to your company.

Our BI infrastructure gives you the ability to use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSIS), Crystal Reports, Excel pivot tables, Excel Power Pivot , Tableau and all other GUI tools that utilize SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cubes.

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