Hard Close Enterprise 2015


With over 500 users of this Dynamics SL ISV product, Hard Close Enterprise is easily the most popular and useful Dynamics SL add-on in the marketplace.


Hard Close Enterprise enables organizations to establish and secure posting activities by restricting data entry to a defined range of periods, including past, current and future. Hard Close Enterprise also defines and manages posting rights and restrictions for users, groups, modules or the entire company.


Protecting Dynamics SL users against potentially disastrous postings, resulting in a domino effect throughout the entire system, Hard Close Enterprise provides security for more than 40 entry points (screens), where users can inadvertently access and post to incorrect periods. Hard Close Enterprise is specifically designed to lock the door on data mishaps, providing the security and compliance your organization requires.


  • New functionality on the period posting screens to block individual batches based upon Hard Close rights.
  • New reporting and copy features are designed to assist users with systems auditing and automation.
  • The Hard Close Enterprise Maintenance Screen designates users/groups/modules security rights for past/current/future periods to post transactions within each Microsoft Dynamics SL module.



 Hard Close Enterprise 2015 Brochure


  • Secure: Eliminates “posting to the wrong period” errors.


  • Compliant: Satisfies SEC reporting requirements.


  • Compatible: Suport for Dynamics SL versions 7, 2011, & 2015


  • Affordable: Cost $995


Hard Close Enterprise vs. SL Posting Options

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