Payroll to Dynamics SL General Ledger 2018

Automatic transferring of payroll data to Microsoft Dynamics SL to avoid errors and save lots of time and money.

This handy Dynamics SL utility automates the importing of payroll information into Dynamics SL through the creation of Payroll and Accrual Journal Entries, based upon your configuration and mappings.  This is the most flexible release of this product yet.

PAYROLL To GL IMPORT allows for total flexibility with account and subaccount mappings.  If the correct accounts and subaccounts exist in the payroll CSV file, no mappings are necessary.  However, many times payroll companies are not able to send the correct subaccounts with their file.  No problem with this utility!

Accrual entries are a snap with this application.  Enter the number of days of accrual needed and the number of days of your last payroll.  That’s it!

  • Allows for company-specific business rules by executing a stored procedure during the processing. This procedure may be modified for specific logic.
  • Importing user-defined fields is now included!
  • Database connectivity now handled through Windows authentication and a specific SQL database role.
  • Handles CSV files in any column order.  Additionally, project and task information is imported if used.


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