--> Missing past rate conversions? Historical rates now available - no extra charge!

A powerful add-on solution designed to automate the conversion of multiple international currency rates to Dynamics SL accounting systems, Multi-Currency Rate Upload enables organizations to easily schedule, verify and apply the latest rates for multiple conversions at numerous daily intervals.

Works with Dynamics SL versions 7, 2011, 2015 & 2018.

Installs a configurable Windows Service on your Dynamics SL server to automatically populate Dynamics SL currency rate tables.

Works with clients who use the Oanda Forex service.  It also works with the Open Exchange Rates service.

Force BI Product

$300 annual subscription

  • Unlimited Currencies!
  • New! Load Historical rate conversions.
  • New! Windows or SQL Server Authentication.
  • End of Month or Average Monthly Rate calculations.
  • Installs in about 10 minutes.
  • Automatically populates rate tables: just set up once and you’re done!

Visit us at: www.forcebi.com or call us at: (303) 832-3970

Visit us at: www.forcebi.com or call us at:
(303) 832-3970

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